rFactor 2 – April Roadmap Update Reveals Upcoming McLaren M23

Right in time for the end of the month – literally – Studio 397 published the April roadmap update for rFactor 2. And this month’s last month’s update was quite a big one, especially in terms of upcoming content!

So, What’s the Deal? When Are We Getting All of That Content?

For example, the Norma MP30 LMP3 is now in its final stages, i.e. testing. Studio 397 was able to recreate the car not only in a collaboration with Norma, but one of the first teams to race the MP30, Duqueine Engineering, was of great help as well!

Alongside the Corvette C7.R, the Oreca 07 LMP2 (see below) and two still-unannounced GTE cars, the M30 will be part of the next car pack coming up for rFactor 2.

In fact, not only is the Norma in its final stages, but all the other cars are waiting on final approval from the manufacturers – release ahead!

But there is more! Three historic cars are coming!

As you may remember, the March roadmap update also announced the upcoming addition of the March 761 F1 car. Now, if you have been following rFactor 2 for a little longer, you will also know that the Brabham BT44B has been in development for quite some time now. That is two historic cars, so far so good, and the third one, the McLaren M23!

Most probably a result of the partnership Studio 397 is building with McLaren through WFG and the McLaren 650S GT3, the McLaren M23 will mark a great addition to rFactor 2’s extensive roster of historic racing cars! If you are not familiar, it was the car James Hunt drove and was able to beat Niki Lauda – who was still able to compete after nearly losing his life at the Nürburgring – in by just one point on the championship leaderboard!

Game Updates

The UI is still in development and localisation options are currently being tested, ensuring that it will be easy for translators to provide a version in another language, using industry-standard tools.

The same goes for the competition system, where Studio 397 is currently testing sequences of events, e.g. that qualification results will correctly carry over to the race session.

This month, the rFactor 2 performance update was also released and apart from obviously performance improvements, tyre physics also received some treatment, more on that in detail here.

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