rFactor 2 Roadmap Update April 2017

Studio 397 have announced their monthly update for rFactor2, they are leaving it a fine cut as May is only around the corner!

There will be changes to the graphics engine bringing it up to DX11, this not only helps with the forthcoming VR implementation but also improved HDR tone mapper and some post effects which as you can see by the pictures below can only enhance the simulation.

20170420143213_1-2-1920x1080 20170420151110_2-2-1920x1080 20170420151324_1-2-1920x1080

My understanding of this update is to enhance the real world imperfections of cameras, and at the same time keeping the first person view when you are racing. More importantly, in my humble opinion, the game is also to be fully compatible including all existing content with DX9, so all the mods can be enjoyed.

When DX11 is first launch, it will be labeled as “open beta.” While DX11 has been extensively tested  by their community of beta testers, they need to ensure it works with everyone. You will be able to revert back to DX9 at a click of a button should you have any issues.

Not only is DX11 updated, other existing content will also be updated as well. It’s not just the graphics engine which will have an updated, changes will be made to some of the physics too which can’t be bad.


With regards to rF2 and it VR implementation, HUD support and virtual mirrors have been worked on including the UI is now usable in VR mode. Mouse control is still used with the UI but it looks a if studio 397 are look at other options for controlling the VR interface…I suppose mind control is still way off!

UI (User interface)

A new interface has been in development for a while now, but it would appear this is still in a beta environment. the main issue being this must be compatible for everyone and there are some compatibility issues with DX9, until DX9 is phased out and the engine is fully running on DX11 we shall have to wait a little longer.


As previously announced the Radical is still a WIP, the graphics are completed and work has turned to the physics and engine sound. No pictures as yet, but we will let you all know as soon as possible. A small tease by studio 397 of another cars they are working on. Keep an eye on their social media.


The modding community has access to DX11 and Studio 397 have release guidelines for the artists to work with. So we should expect some great things in the future. I just hope the AI isn’t fettled too much as at present it seems the best there is in any off-line sim.

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