Reiza Studios Teases “Some Exciting New Things”

Reiza Studios recently broke the silence with another big Automobilista update, but before and after, we did not really hear too much from the Brazilian developer. This is for good reason though, as it is sort of a public secret that Reiza is working on the title to come beyond Automobilista. Could the latest teaser be exactly that?

What Can We See?

This one image is all we get. Yep, nothing more. Apart from the prominent Reiza Studios sign, blurred out in the background, we can see some kind of prototype car racing down the track.

Considering the addition of the Metalmoro AJR Prototype to Automobilista, this could be yet another prototype joining the family – potentially in the next DLC (there is still one missing, as you may know).

But, you may have also noticed the plural form used in the tweet. Could this be referring to the next Reiza Studios title? Were the contents of the image potentially rendered, using DirectX 11?

Or, and this would be the least exciting of them all, what we see on the image is actually the Metalmoro AJR and it is just place-holder screenshot taken from Automobilista, letting the world know that things are coming, but basically there is nothing to see.

What is your guess?

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