RAVSim Interview Reveals More gRally Information

Jon Denton of RAVSim had the opportunity to sit down with Luca Giraldi of gRally, to discuss the in-development rally simulator. Jon and Luca have had a longstanding friendship, extending back nearly a decade, when Jon was with AutoSimSport and Luca was with RBR-Online. You can read their interview here, which has some interesting pieces of information.

It sounds like there won’t be any punches pulled in terms of realism with gRally, judging from the interview. The physics engine has been developed from the ground up, and a tweaked Pacejka model will connect the car to whatever surface the car is on. The primary emphasis at the beginning will be on classic rally cars, with more cars able to be added through modding. Online championships, such as the World Internet Rally Championship, will come over to gRally.

Another aspect touched on in the interview is the pricetag, which I’m sure everyone’s bound to enjoy. The software is going to be free for single player gameplay. To participate in online multiplayer, a small fee will be requested, in order to organize events and set up servers. As of now, there is no release date announced, but there will be a beta in the future.

Are you looking forward to gRally coming out in the future? Did you compete in any RBR-Online.it tournaments in Richard Burns Rally?

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