RaceRoom – True Triple Screen Support on Its Way

For all of those who have not made the move to virtual reality just yet – yes, RaceRoom does support VR – and are rather sticking with the trusty old triple screens, Sector3 Studios is now adding true triple screen support!

Why true?

Well, triple screen support is a broad term and does not always mean what it actually should. Confused? A memory refreshment:

How will it be implemented?

The following three features will make up RaceRoom’s triple screen support:


This is the big difference to the “untrue” triple screen support. Each image is being rendered separately instead of one being stretched across all monitors.

Bezel correction

Since screens do not line up perfectly, the bezels are not allowed to miss in the equation. RaceRoom takes them into account and adjusts the view accordingly.

Angle correction

Not all triple screen setups are the same. Hence, RaceRoom adjusts the view based on the angles as well.

The values are passed as Steam launch arguments:


for example: -triScr 62 34 2 60 52 29 2 45 51 29 2 45

When is it coming?

Sector3 Studios hopes to have the first version ready in time for the next patch (maybe this week?). Future builds will add in-game settings for easier adjustment.

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