RaceRoom – Structured Online Races in Development, Move to Unreal Engine 4 on the Horizon

In a recent interview with RaceDepartment, Chris and Alan Speed from Swedish Sector3 Studios, currently responsible for the development of RaceRoom, discussed the its current state, what we can expect in the future and how GTR3 fits into the picture.

RaceRoom McLaren 650S BMW M6 GT3 Spa

Right now

Apart from the base game, which is available for free on Steam, RaceRoom, formerly RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E), is being used at various events and shows and with great success too.

The recent “Mercedes-AMG Online Race Competition” could even exceed expectations and Sector3 is looking to branch out in that area.

For example, the recent announcement that Swedish Mantorp Park will be coming to RaceRoom will not only benefit the community, but will also allow Sector3 to position its game better in the Scandinavian market, says Chris Speed.

Not too long ago, Sector3 also launched VR support for RaceRoom. It may still be in its early stages, but Sector3 is well aware of current issues and are taking care of them. By making VR support possible in a DirectX 9 game, the main challenge has already been overcome and the rest is only a matter of time.

However, current priority is the integration of “structured online racing”, as it also is with Slightly Mad Studio’s Project CARS 2.

The next patch will already include a new reputation system, which will be used to determine whether one is eligible to participate in certain online races.

Scheduled races are on their way too and although there is a strong focus on the online side of RaceRoom, single player support is not in jeopardy.

RaceRoom BMW M6 GT3 interior

The future

While SimBin’s GTR3 is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 right from the beginning, Sector3 is hoping to make use of SimBin’s gained experience and to bring RaceRoom over to the UE4 as well. This will make up for a lot of aspects the game is currently slacking in.

Sector3 Studios experimented with the Unreal Engine 4 last year already, wrote it off as R&D though. Now the plans are official. Most likely though, this will happen after GTR3 has launched.

Besides, it is strongly emphasised that GTR3 and RaceRoom are two separate products, being developed by two separate studios, who just belong to the same company, RaceRoom, and assist each other with a couple of things occasionally.

Regarding content, more Swedish tracks are in the works and current license deals will be extended.

As of right now, there are no plans to continue another one of SimBin’s IP’s, but the idea has not been completely ruled out. Priority is to get the technology up to standards and establish a base that can be built on. From there on basically everything is possible.

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