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RaceRoom Bentley Continental GT3 Test Drive at 24Hr Nordschleife

Presenting Test Drive of the soon to be released Bentley Continental GT3 and Nordschleife in RaceRoom.  RaceRoom’s version of the Nordschleife has been a long time coming, with the first laser scanned image teased at the end of 2014.  But, when the track is 13+ miles long and you put the amount of detail that Sector3 Studios has put into it, it takes time.

Speaking of the detail, you can see that Sector3 has done a really nice job of not only recreating the track but the atmosphere of the 24 hour VLN race.  As you navigate the circuit, you see the pockets of fans camped out with cars and pop-up tents.  You can even hear music coming from the crowd.  Now that’s a detail you don’t see everyday.

As Sector3’s J-F Chardon confirmed on today’s This Week Inside Sim Racing live show, the track will be released alongside next week’s new build.

RaceRoom Bentley Continental GT3 at Nordschleife

Not to be lost int he Nordschleife commotion is the new Bentley Continental GT3.  The big Bentley is personally one of our favorites and it sounds like Billy was pretty happy with it too.  As always, Billy does a nice job explaining his setup adjustments to the car, giving you a good starting point when the car is released.

And speaking of release, that’s a bit of a question mark at the moment.  As J-F also talked about in the interview, Sector3 hasn’t received all the sign-offs needed from Bentley yet.  Hopefully they receive that soon because it looks and sounds like the car is ready to go and I need this car in my life now!