Project CARS Patch 10.0 Out Now

The latest patch for Project CARS, Patch 10.0, is out and it’s a light one.  With a grand total of five bullet points, and predominantly focused on bug fixes for the recent US Car Pack, it is by far the smallest yet.  Standouts of the patch is a fix when you take a pit stop on the final lap and tweaked setups to the Dallara DW12 to stop that whole mid-corner rollover thing.

Unlike past patches that usually arrive on the PC and PlayStation 4 well ahead of the Xbox One, Patch 10.0 should be available on all systems right now.

Project CARS – PC Patch 10.0 – Release Notes

• Aston Martin – DBR1-2, Vantage GTE, Vantage GT12: Tweaked cockpit exposure to better balance the world brightness when driving in cockpit view.
• Ford Falcon FG – Made the in-cockpit steering wheel static when disabled so that the digital display is still visible.
• Ford Fusion Stockcar – Fixed a damage issue, tweaks to setups so car is less likely to go on two wheels.
• Dallara DW12 Indycar – Tweaks to setups so car is less likely to go on two wheels.

• Fixed an issue where, if the player pits on the final lap and only closes the pit board after crossing the place in the pit lane where the finish line is (but before the post-race screen comes up), the race would fail to end.