Slightly Mad Studios – Project CARS VR – PC Patch Released

Slightly Mad Studios have released a welcome Virtual Reality based patch for the PC version of their Project CARS sim racing title. The new PC patch dubbed 11.2 compliments the title’s extensive support for virtual reality headsets from Oculus and HTC! 11.2 basically adds the possibility to edit some of the ”xml files” to enable super sampling for an improved image and more immersion whilst experiencing VR. This is great news for players that may have issues with jaggies while using their devices. Naturally, there are limits to what is possible within the files. Entering a value that exceeds your equipments capabilities will result in other issues. It would be best to start at a lower value and increase it incrementally until a balance maximum quality / performance is attained.

Stephen Viljoen, Game Director/Designer at SMS, has posted a short ”how to” on the official Project CARS forums. You can find his complete post here below. The post details what the patch actually does and how players go about editing the xml file to increase their device’s resolution in-game.


Stephen Viljoen, Game Director/Designer at SMS:

What does this do? – It provides a way to scale up the resolution of the image rendered by the game, so that when it is displayed on the VR HMD, it appears clearer, with less shimmer and aliasing artifacts

How do I do this? – Look in this folder: \Users\<current user>\Documents\Project CARS\

Depending on the HMD you’re using…
Oculus Rift, edit: oculussettings.xml
HTC Vive, edit: openvrsettings.xml

Look for a line called

 "<prop name="ResScale" data="1" />"

Change the number after ‘data=’ to whatever you want to set your super sampling to. Higher numbers will increase the resolution, while lowering the number will decrease the resolution. We recommend starting with a value around 1.5 and experimenting with it from there. How much you can push this will depend on your GPU.

If you have a VR headset and would like to try this new super sampling feature for yourself, the patch is available now on Steam in the form of an update. Let us know in the comments section below if your immersion factor has been improved in either the Rift or Vive.