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DiRT 4 Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman Joins Us – Beyond the Gloves EP. 3

Presenting Episode 3 of Beyond the Gloves with Chief Game Designer of DiRT 4, Paul Coleman. It’s been a busy few weeks for Paul, with not only the announcement of DiRT 4, but the fact that DiRT 4 is out in less than four months!

But even with all that going on, Paul was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and join us on the show to answer our DiRT 4 questions, and boy did we touch on some good stuff. Watch to hear Paul go real deep into the new “Your Stage” track building process, talk VR and what physics improvements are coming to DiRT 4 compared to DiRT Rally.

It’s all super interesting stuff!

Thanks again for not only Paul coming on but for Andy Gray (Codemasters) setting everything up, including getting a quality camera and mic.  It took a little extra time post-production but the quality was worth it!