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Official Project CARS 2 Announcement Trailer Out

Little over a week ago, a trailer for Project CARS 2 magically appeared online.  While it can be debated whether it was a leak, internal demo, or what have you, at the end of the day it was an unofficial introduction to an official game.

But now we have the real thing.

The Announcement Trailer for Project CARS 2 is out and it features some of the same from the “unofficial” trailer and a fair bit of new content.

Like the “unofficial” trailer, the Announcement Trailer focuses a lot on dynamic weather, showing rain and snow.  On the content front, the trailer shows new tracks such as Long Beach, Daytona, Fuji and a fictional looking mountain snow route, the latter three being new to this trailer.  As for cars, we see even more new cars such as the Aston Martin Vulcan, Mercedes AMG GTR and GT3, Acura NSX in both road and GT3 version, McLaren 650S GT3 and Nissan GTR GT3.

These new cars and tracks help contribute to the 170+ cars and 60+ tracks that will make up Project CARS 2 according to Slightly Mad Studios.  That’s a healthy amount, especially if that’s counting each individual track, and not track layouts.

Project CARS 2 is expected – as per the trailer – in “late 2017” which may or may not be the same thing as the previously hoped September release.  Either way, getting it in 2017 period would be nice.

Also, if you want even further info on the game, some hands-on impressions are out, including this one from PlayStation Access, which went to Sweden – which makes us wonder why Sweden? – to try out the game (on a controller).  There’s some serious interesting info in it that we’ll be delving through soon.

And tip of the hat to Wayne for sending this video in from Outside Xtra that shows more gameplay.  While it’s not the best racing to watch, it does show more tidbits such as the menus.