Automobilista – October Development Update

Reiza Studios, makers of the PC sim racing title Automobilista, have posted their October development update on the official Reiza Forums site. The October Development notes contain some notable plans and upcoming features. Renato Simioni explains in his notes just what has been happening with the title and where it is headed.

One of the major new features headed to the title include the Italian Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Imola racing circuit. Imola will appear in no less than four iterations spanning four decades from 1972, 1988, 2001 and 2016! The 1972 & 1988 versions of Imola are available now for download on Steam.

Additionally, the Formula Truck series, if all goes according to plan, will have official backing to enable the entire branded series and not just the trucks to be included as a series in the title. This class of racing is becoming increasingly more popular amongst owners of the game. Some players are even stating that racing trucks is a good learning experience in set ups, mainly because the smallest changes made to the set up have a profound effect on how the truck handles in-game.

Hardware also gets some attention from the studio, G29 and G920 driver support is improved with the v1.15 update. This improvement will also translate back to Logitech’s older wheels, the G25 and G27. To take advantage of this, Reiza recommends that owners of these wheels implement the update when it is released.

Renato’s forum notes are all here, so please do scroll down for a complete overview of what to expect for the October development update and beyond.

Automobilista imola2001_1

Renato Simioni’s Forum Post:

To begin with a little retrospective of the past 18 months from the car & track guys – this will probably sound like we´re tooting our own horn a bit but mainly it´s a small tribute to a team who have been working exceptionally hard and really shifted up a gear in this last year and a half.

The image below shows all new cars and tracks released since may 2015, from the end of Stock Car Extreme into the release of AMS, and finally moving into AMS DLCs:

A total of 13 new venues along with 20 car models for 14 series have been released over a period of 18 months. That in itself is notable, even more so if you consider that in the same timespan all old content was updated to keep up with newer standards and include all latest features – a total of 27 series and 38 tracks which currently features in AMS.

It´s easy to underestimate the workload involved in delivering all this – if you´re on the other end waiting for stuff to materialise, it probably doesn´t feel very fast at all make no mistake though, this would be substantial output even for a bigger team with bigger budget than ourselves, so there´s a feeling of mission accomplished in delivering on what has been a very aggressive plan. Beyond the sheer volume, there´s also satisfaction from the fact that quality standards have not only been retained but upgraded, and older content has not been left to become too outdated relative to the newer stuff, so the sim remains as consistent as possible no matter what and where you´re racing.


What´s coming next

We´re not going on vacation just yet though – in fact we´re still pushing hard not only with new content but also towards several significant new features and general improvements all across the sim – there are some exciting things already in the works with others being evaluated, but with development being what it is and known to throw some curve balls on occasion we´ll refrain from jumping the gun and push to cover a bit more ground before we confirm stuff. If you´re a Reiza Member though you may not only have a glance of what we´re aiming for, but help influence the development path in this Reiza 51 poll.

We´ve got one, possibly two updates to be delivered over the course of this month, with v1.15 scheduled for November 15th.

One important note regarding this update: @gongo has been working on integration with the latest Logitech drivers to better support G29 and G920. This however will require all users on Logitech wheels to upgrade to their latest software – even those running older models like G25 or G27, so those running Logitech gear please be advised to upgrade in time for v1.15 release.

Upcoming DLCs

Part 1 of Legendary Tracks is next up – Imola is coming, oozing history with 4 distinct versions from 4 different decades – 1972, 1988, 2001 and 2016:

The 1972 & 1988 versions are hitting AMS Beta within a couple of hours from this post. 2001 & 2016 should follow next friday.

Legendary Tracks Part 1 – Imola will sell for US$ 5.99 on release, scheduled to come along with v1.15 on November 15th.

Before the end of november or at the latest early on december, we´re pushing to wrap another pack:

For those of you keeping track of AMS development, it will come as no surprise that the trucks from Formula Truck are bound to come to Automobilista – fully revamped and featuring new custom rules andfunctionalities.

The good news is that we´re very close to finalizing a new deal with Formula Truck series, which would allow us to officially release the complete, fully branded series (not just the trucks) for AMS. That would in turn open up the possibility of expanding this pack to include the latest season in a future update.One way or another, to begin with we´ll be releasing the Trucks from 2013 after Imola – the pack will also sell for US$ 5.99. As previously announced, this DLC will be free to those that already own Formula Truck on Steam (if you own the non-Steam copy make sure to retrieve your Steam key for it here).

Always worth reminding also that those who took part in last year´s crowdfunding campaign on any level, acquired our Membership pack or bought the Season Pass on Steam have already secured these and all the other DLC packs to come to AMS.And what´s next after the Trucks I hear you ask?

That´s subject for our next update To wrap up I´d like to remind that as more stuff is confirmed, prices for both the Season Pass on Steam & Membership pack here are due to receive another upgrade – by the time next Dev Update rolls out with some more DLC confirmations, the Season Pass will be upgraded from the current US$ 29.99 to US$ 39.99, so don´t wait up too long