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iRacing – Nissan GTP ZX T – Hot Lap Of The Nordschleife

The just released Nissan GTP ZX T for iRacing is a throwback to the days of truly physical motorsports, where the cars were so fierce and powerful some drivers were more than a little nervous to climb into them! With that power came a huge amount of downforce and mechanical grip resulting in victories at many of America’s most famous circuits, including Sebring, Road Atlanta and Road America.

It is no secret that I love driving on the Nordschleife, as well as heel & toeing! When this car became available, Nords was the first circuit I wanted to drive in it. Driving quickly with the Nissan is a great experience, it is properly quick, mate! In fact, I like it that much, I went ahead and made a video of a reasonably quick lap, 6:13.138 sec. The video is not a review as such, it is a straight hot lap with split screen cockpit and myself in the ProSimU motion rig using Fanatec CSW v2, CSP v3 and SHH 3D printed shifter. A review of the motion rig will be appearing soon here on the site.

The handling of the car is quite predictable and with that much power and downforce available, it certainly is a handful when the Turbo kicks in. The car is capable of ludicrous lap times on almost any circuit. It really shines on technical circuits with lots of twisty bits and some longer straights. After all, it is an endurance racer! iRacing did a great job of keeping this car a secret, equally so with the version they have produced for the game. If you haven’t gotten it yet, it is definitely a car to go blasting around Nords, Le Mans or one of the other endurance rounds available in the title.

Enjoy the lap.  Cheers, Mark

EDIT: 26-09-2016, with a little more time behind the wheel and some tweaks to the motion rig, I have achieved a 6:08,468 lap time! I am sure I can go even faster with more practice. Stay tuned, folks!