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Niels Heusinkveld Talks Physics Changes For Automobilista v1.0

Two days ago we brought you the news that Reiza Studios was about to release version 1.0 of their driving title, Automobilista. Subsequent to that article, we bring you a video where Niels Heusinkveld talks physics changes for Automobilista v1.0. Niels is the mind behind Automobilista’s physics engine, in his 22 minute video he chronicles what has changed on the physics side of the title in order to advance it to v1.0.

Niels explains in fine detail just what work has been done to improve several key areas of the title, whilst running through some bullet points on certain aspects from tyre physics to force feedback reaction times. For those of you that did not know it, the physics for Automobilista are grounded in the rFactor engine! This physics engine is the basis for almost every professional racing team’s simulator program.

Niels goes on to say that the steering physics have been worked on to a degree that he is happy with. That being said, in his view, the steering physics are very close to real life in feedback and feel through the wheel.  Although the video features no in-game footage, it is still a worthwhile watch, especially for sim racers that like to know the inner workings of a title and how things come together to approach real life in terms of physics. Enjoy the video!