Next Level Racing Announces Wheel Stand Lite

Next Level Racing have announced their latest sim racing product, the Wheel Stand LITE.  As the name suggests, the LITE fits underneath the Racing Wheel Stand in Next Level Racing’s lineup as an even more compact racing option.

There appears to be a lot of Next Level Racing’s two simulators, the GT Ultimate V2 and F1GT, built into the LITE.  The wheel deck is reminiscent of the GT Ultimate V2, while the pedal plate – now with only slots for further pedal mounting options – and frame scream F1GT.

Despite the ability to fold flat, the Wheel Stand LITE features adjustable steering wheel height and angle along with distance and angle for the pedals.  There is also a gear shifter holder that can be mounted on either side.

Next Level Racing claims that the LITE can be folded away for storage in under 10 seconds and can be assembled in under 10 minutes out of the box thanks to it coming almost fully assembled.  Also to assist your assembly, the LITE comes with bolts to mount your hardware, eliminating the need for you to run out to the hardware store first, a welcomed move that more companies should follow.

The Wheel Stand LITE arrives in late October in Australia, New Zealand and US and November in Europe and Asia for the retail price of $149 USD / €149 EUR / $199 AUD.

Be on the lookout for our in-depth review of the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand LITE in the near future.

Wheel Stand LITE