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New iGP Manager Game Coming August 26th

The team at iGP have announced a new iGP Manager game coming August 26th that will be available for use on multiple devices from phones to PCs! The game is the world’s first cross-device motorsport manager game with multiplayer, real-time strategy.

Current real-world motor racing stars from F1 to NASCAR can be counted amongst the legions of loyal fans.  One of its most famous endorsers is none other than NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr! iGP is scheduled for release on August the 26th and will be available as a free to download app on Android and iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Features of iGP Manager:

  • Create and customize your own racing team
  • Live & interactive races with team orders, strategy and live weather streamed from real-world race circuits
  • Race online with your friends or head-to-head with real people from around the world
  • Race how you want, when you want – setting race length and times to suit you and your friends
  • Create your own racing championships
  • Hire drivers and staff, upgrade your cars and build facilities, train your team and invest in technology
  • 17 international race circuits
  • A loyal community of motorsport enthusiasts and gamers
  • Automatic updates and improvements to the service

Official iGP Press release From Jack Basford:

LONDON, August 10, 2016 – iGP Manager is the world’s only cross-device motorsport manager game with multiplayer real-time strategy. It will be released on igpmanager.com August 26, 2016, for free. In Q4 2016 it will also be released as a free app on Android and iOS.

In iGP Manager, players create their own grand prix teams and leagues to battle in real-time online races for the championship. Players can manage their team on multiple devices, switching seamlessly from phone, to tablet to PC even during real-time races.

iGP Manager is played socially by F1 and NASCAR drivers alike with endorsements from stars such as NASCAR’s most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. whose private league is populated by NASCAR engineers and drivers.

Casual or hardcore players alike can customize the race formats to suit their needs. Races can last anything from a casual 10 minutes up to a full 2 hour grand prix requiring management of the driver, car, fuel and tyres. Casual players can also pre-configure race strategies ahead of time if they can’t attend the live races.

“On August 26 everyone will be able to play the new iGP Manager on igpmanager.com. We’ve taken everything we learned from the old game and improved upon it.” Said Jack Basford, CEO of iGP Games, referencing the first version of iGP Manager which launched in 2011 as a browser game. He added “We’ve taken on board every bit of feedback from our enthusiastic players in the past 5 years to build the most accessible, yet detailed motorsport manager game available”.

Follow the developer blog on igpmanager.com to track the progress and be the first to learn more.