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NASCAR Heat Evolution Official Trailer

The first official trailer for the latest NASCAR licensed title, NASCAR Heat Evolution, is out and putting the faithful NASCAR fan base on pins and needles.  Promised to be a return to form for a license that’s under performed for a decade plus, Heat Evolution does appear to have some potential.

While the Developer name on the title, Monster Games, may not be a household name, a fair number of the team is from the NASCAR Heat 2002 days, which was widely received as one of the better NASCAR titles ever made.  With that said, some of the names were also involved in the less than stellar NASCAR The Game franchise in more recent years, so lets not jump all aboard the hype train just yet…

…now back on the hype train, and the trailer does look pretty good.  Features such as a full field of cars, ability to customize your driver, up-to-date graphics, garage settings, and decent looking crash dynamics, look promising.

…off the train and the crash damage seems a little light, the cars are WAY too high off the ground and the same pit crew is used on every car.  But, and this is a big one, it’s still in development with launch a little under two months out (September 13th), so there’s still time to massage on these things.  Trailers do tend to use place holders.

But beyond all of this, the real question is how will it drive?  We won’t know until closer to launch, but we’ll be working to get our hands on a copy ASAP so we can let you know.