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NASCAR Heat 2 – Now Available in North America

704 Games has pulled it off and has released the follow-up to NASCAR Heat EvolutionNASCAR Heat 2 – in North America. A European release for the console versions of the game is still up in the air But it does not end here. More DLC is on the way too.

NASCAR Heat 2, more info please:

Of course, for info on the features of the game, you can head to our post on the first dev diary, and for info on the career mode, check out our corresponding post here.

Stand-out features include all three NASCAR series, new tracks, split-screen and career mode. You can check out the launch trailer above.

DLC is on its way

Together with the game, the season pass (Hot Pass) was also released for $29.99 (prices may vary, depending on where you live).

Over the next couple of months until the end of the year, it will give you access to the following:

  • Paint Schemes: NASCAR Heat 2 will have more paint schemes than any other NASCAR console game! We’ll be releasing paint schemes for drivers across all three NASCAR national series. Best of all, you’ll be able to show off your paint schemes in online multiplayer!
  • Spotter Audio: NASCAR Heat 2 will ship with Brett Griffin as the Spotter, but you can choose to download different spotter voices to spice up your races.
  • Challenges: In addition to the 29 Challenges arriving with NASCAR Heat 2, you can take on even more Challenges each month to truly test your skills across all three series.
  • Car Customization Options: New this year, players will be able to customize their stock cars and trucks in even more ways. We’ll be releasing new templates and sponsor decals over the coming months so you can make your car even more unique.

The first DLC is available already.

704 Games also partnered up with Toyota to offer free new Toyota paint schemes every month.

Remember that the option to buy the game together with a voucher is still valid.

The third dev diary

Check out the third dev diary below and hear the devs talk about their latest creation.

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