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MXGP3 – A Minor Delay, New Scrub and Air Controls Showcased

A couple of weeks ago, we already discussed MXGP3’s release date and showcased new screenshots and trailers. Today, Milestone has announced that the game has been delayed – but don’t panic – it’s only by a couple of days.

New release dates

The new release dates for MXGP3 are as follows:

May 30, 2017 for Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.
June 20, 2017 for the US.

Reason for the delay is that Milestone wants the development of MXGP3 to be absolutely spot on, since it is Milestone’s first game ever to feature the Unreal Engine 4, but also the first racing game overall to do so. Hence, Milestone wants the game to mark a significant turning point in the MXGP series and to do so, a little extra time is needed.

We are not even talking a month and as other examples in the past have shown, it could definitely be worse.

Scrub and air controls

As an extra bonus, Milestone has released a video showcasing the new community requested air and scrub controls in-game, as well as on a gamepad. The video can be viewed above.

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