MX Bikes Onboard Preview Video Released

Back in February, PiBoSo released a preview video for MX Bikes, his latest in-development simulator. Now, he has released a new preview, showing off one of the onboard camera angles as he runs the dirt bike around a course.

I have to say, for a one man development team, PiBoSo has done wonders so far in MX Bikes! It looks like one of the most authentic motocross simulators to date, and seems to be a blast to drive. Knowing from PiBoSo’s other motorcycle title, GP Bikes, we have a lot to look forward to when MX Bikes is released in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, MX Bikes will mark PiBoSo’s fourth simulator. His titles cover a wide variety of motorsport, including¬†Kart Racing Pro, GP Bikes, and World Racing Series. His titles are worth the look, as each released title has a free demo to try out. You can also check out our test drive of Kart Racing Pro, to get our opinions on PiBoSo’s work!

Have you given any of PiBoSo’s sims a go? What were your thoughts?

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