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MotoGP 17 – New Trailer Previews Managerial Career

With MotoGP 17’s release set for mid-June (North American release still TBA), we have not heard too much about the game in the last couple of weeks. Until today, when Milestone released a trailer on Twitter, which showcases the brand-new Managerial Career mode.

MotoGP 17’s Managerial Career

You may remember that a while ago, MotoGP 17’s career mode was being described as “revolutionised” by the developer. Now we know that the revolution comes in form of a Managerial Career mode, focusing on the off-track aspects of racing by putting the player in the role of the Team Manager.

The following will be part of the Team Manager’s duties:

  • Sponsors
  • Bikes
  • Riders
  • Team Departments
  • Research and Development Department

All of the above should be self-explanatory, except for the Team Departments. More than ten different departments, e.g. Nutritionists, Athletic Preparation Team, Sports Management, make up your team. If you focus not only on racing and act wisely you “can win the World Championship in three different classes”, not just one.

Being victorious in the races will increase your team’s reputation, which will then allow you to further build and expand your team. Codemasters has implemented something similar in upcoming DiRT 4.

There is more

Apart from the Managerial career, MotoGP 17 will have some other game modes in store as well:

Offline Game Modes

  • Grand Prix (Quick Race/Race weekend)
  • Championship
  • Split Screen
  • Time Attack
  • Managerial Career
  • Rider Career

Online Game Modes

  • Grand Prix (Quick Race/Race weekend)
  • Championship

Moreover, the game will feature 60 FPS on all platforms, a completely redesigned and improved AI, all circuits from the 2017 MotoGP season and “100% real bike sound”.

MotoGP 17 is the last game to use Milestone’s own graphics engine. The Italian developer will use the Unreal Engine 4 in its future releases, e.g. Gravel or MXGP3.

The game is set for release on June 15 in Europe, apart from Germany, where it will release a day later, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and South Africa and will be available on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Windows PC/STEAM.

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