Mods Corner – RBR 2016 Now Available

In this edition of Mods Corner, I thought I would highlight a recent mod to the Richard Burns Rally catalog; RBR 2016 by Martin Pereyra.  This is of particular interest to me because I just started with the vanilla version of Richard Burns Rally and I am enjoying it quite a bit.  Now those that are elbows deep into RBR are telling me to start installing mods such as RSRBR and NGP.

And that my friends can lead you down a rabbit hole of mods so vast that it will make your head spin faster than your ability to crack your windscreen in Richard Burns Rally.

By all accounts so far, this is where RBR 2016 steps in.  The mod contains several plug-ins to help run it on modern systems as well as Richard Burns Rally itself.  That’s right, this mod is self contained it appears. The legality here is a little fuzzy at best and technically the IP still belongs to a publisher, but Richard Burns Rally has been long thought of as abandonware since the original publisher SCi Games Ltd. is no longer around.  That is of course, a little bit of a fallacy since it appears that SCi bought and merged with Eidos Interactive in 2005, ceasing the SCi branding.  Four year later in 2009, Square Enix reached an agreement to purchase Eidos and presumably acquiring all Intellectual Properties (IP) with it, including Richard Burns Rally.

Beyond the legal issue, which really doesn’t seem to be something Square Enix is interested in pursuing, RBR 2016 also includes updated AI drivers and the roster list of 2016 WRC and WRC 2 cars.  The stages and locations appear to be unchanged, but this seems like a great way to experience Richard Burns Rally in a wholly new and updated way.

The mod is free and by all accounts I’ve seen so far, seems to have a clean MediaFire link (at the time of this article) to download.  I myself am taking the plunge as I write this and I hope to have a Test Drive of it in the coming days.  You can download RBR 2016 here.

Mods Corner is an infrequent blog to highlight new and popular mods among the sim modding community.