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Mixed Reality Goes Off-Road In Dirt Rally

Marcel Pfister has provided us with some entertaining and awesome mixed reality videos over the past few months. Today, mixed reality goes off-road in Dirt Rally and to make things even more realistic, Marcel takes to a night-time rally stage! The footage of driving at night through the Welsh bush looks so real you could easily be fooled into thinking you are watching real in-car video of an actual rally!

Using his Oculus CV1 and the now familiar green screen techniques, this night-time video really conveys the atmosphere of the night stage and just how claustrophobic it can be whilst throwing a rally car around a forest road illuminated only by the car’s strong driving lights. I really have to marvel at just how realistic the experience appears in this video and it definitely makes me want to try some night rallying for myself! VR is quickly cementing itself as one of the most immersive ways to sim race!

Dirt Rally Mixed Reality

Marcel lists his equipment specs and techniques in most of his videos, so for all of you that are interested in how he achieves these great results, here are his specs and descriptions.

Marcel’s description of mixed reality:
It´s a way to record and show gameplay to serve a better understanding of how it feels to use Virtual Reality. It uses a greenscreen to later blend out the room you are playing in and instead blending in the virtual environment life or in video editing. So it´s only a way to show to the viewers, while playing i can´t see my wheel and real hands. So it´s not like Augmented Reality, which will maybe come in a few years and will look similar.

Marcel’s equipment:
Intel i7 4790k, 16GB Ram, GTX 980Ti
Oculus Rift CV1
Speedmaster V2 seat
Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base V2
Fanatec BMW GT2 Rim
Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ
Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2
Fanatec Handbrake

How Marcel records his videos:
Real life footage is recorded with a GoPro Hero 3
In-game footage is recorded with nVidia Shadowplay
Edited with Sony Vegas 12

With VR support for Dirt Rally being introduced last month via a huge 10 gb update, the game has joined the growing ranks of VR supported titles and is helping to introduce VR technology to many more sim racing enthousiasts around the world!