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McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer Competition Announced

A lot of speculation has been going as to what McLaren was teasing in its recent tweets. Look no further, the secret has now been revealed. McLaren is searching for the World’s Fastest Gamer, who will be offered a one-year contract as a McLaren F1 Simulator Driver. As an introduction, McLaren has provided a short trailer, which you can view above.

How to get “the best job in esports”

A second video was also released, explaining the competition, in 8-bit style!

McLaren World's Fastest Gamer logo

Details are not available yet, but here is how the World’s Fastest Gamer competition will essentially work.

Qualification events will take place in summer across ALL platforms – PC, Console and Mobile – to determine four players, who will be invited to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, England. Another six players, who will be hand-picked “by experts in both gaming and Formula 1”, will join them to participate in “one of the most rigorous job interviews in the world” in Autumn. The winner will be offered a one-year contract as a McLaren F1 Simulator Driver, as which he will actively contribute to the improvement of the real F1 car.

To make the whole event possible, McLaren has not only teamed up with Logitech, but also with Sparco, GIVEMESPORT and Darren Cox.

Here is what McLaren Technology Group Executive Director Zak Brown had to say, regarding entry

World’s Fastest Gamer really aims to democratise the process of finding the best virtual racer out there. The contest isn’t limited to one platform or one game; we’re very keen not to restrict access or entry for people, but rather welcome the worldwide gaming community, whether that’s on mobile or on high-end simulator platforms.

And the winner will genuinely be a key part of our team at McLaren. This is for real: we absolutely require additional support across our two simulator platforms, so the competition and the selection process will be rigorous, ruthless and compelling to watch.

Running the competition on multiple platforms and across multiple games is a very unique approach, which has not been taken before. But if McLaren really wants to find the “champion of champions”, this is the way to go.

The different stages of the competition will be covered on social media and a dedicated YouTube channel as well.

If you were in doubt that esports was a thing, here is proof that it is.

More info will surely follow soon.

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