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McLaren-Honda Teases eSports Event with Logitech

A couple of weeks ago, the McLaren-Honda F1 team named Logitech as its Official Technology Peripherals Partner in a “multi-year” agreement and hinted that some things were on their way. However, we did not exactly know what they were. People who thought that this was only for show have now been proven wrong. Today, McLaren teased a possible new eSports event in cooperation with Logitech on its Twitter account.

What do we know?

Nothing much, really. McLaren-Honda released two posts on its Twitter account. You can view the two posts in question, one of which has a video attached, below.

In the video, we can see a couple of McLaren F1 cars, a F1 GTR and a 720S lined up together. At the front, a sim rig is positioned, with Lando Norris sat in it, who is part of the McLaren Young Driver Programme. The camera moves from back to front, whilst looking down on the cars and slowly moving towards the sim rig. Since the rig is only showed briefly, we cannot identify what game is running. The rig itself however, can be identified. It is the new Sparco “Evolve” rig, which was announced recently, with most likely a Logitech wheel and pedals set mounted to it.

The second tweet has a picture attached, which shows the same line-up just from the front. The image offers a better view of the rig and the cars, sadly not of the game running. Most likely though, it will be one of the big upcoming racing games, i.e. Gran Turismo Sport or Project CARS 2, since both have a big focus on eSports.

The text of both tweets does not give away too much either. One refers to “the ultimate job”. So, maybe there is a really big prize up for grabs in the yet to be announced competition, similar to GT Academy?

Both tweets and the video also include the WFG abbreviation. We do not know what it stands for yet, any guesses?

They are also tagged with the #eSports hashtag. So, it seems very likely that there is some kind of competition on the way.

As ever, more details will follow soon.


Logitech banner on McLaren-Honda F1 car

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