Live For Speed Implement Realistic VR Mirrors

The makers of Live For Speed implement realistic VR mirrors in the latest o.6Q update for their PC racing title. Although Live For Speed is not often mentioned here in the blog, it is one of the first racing titles to have provided support for VR! With that said, LFS now has realistic mirrors when using your VR headset. The number of other titles to have mirrors that move with your head are few and far between, iRacing being one of the few that does. Version 0.6Q introduces separate viewpoints to draw each mirror’s view, this technique reproduces the player’s car in their own mirrors.

All other VR supported titles could take a leaf from this book, as it makes the virtual reality experience even more immersive and natural. With this implementation, the view changes in sync with your head movements in-game.

In the video below, our good mate Gamermuscle takes us on a virtual ride and gives us his take on the newly implemented VR stereoscopic mirror feature for Live For Speed. You can also find the complete v0.6Q changelog below the video.

Complete List of Fixes And Improvements For Live For Speed V0.6Q:

Mirrors are now realistic and your own car is visible
A separate viewpoint is used to draw each mirror’s view
Minor updates to some car models to improve visibility
Mirrors now use the same LOD setting as the main view
Mirror angle adjustment is now possible (in View Options)
Increased vertical adjustment range for central mirror position
Mirror offset sliders only shown if a car has a central mirror
Added a “Default position” button to restore moved mirrors
Increased virtual mirror width from 0.3 to 0.333
Virtual mirror is now available in follow view

Graphics :
Improved detection of nearby objects that should be shadowed
Your car’s shadow is now drawn when you are in an internal view
Improved lighting on tyres and drivers (noticeable in dark places)
Corrected downward ambient lighting colour (was too bright)
Slight reduction in near clipping plane distance

Free view (SHIFT+U mode) :
Free view is now shown as an option in the Escape Menu
New walk mode which is good for wandering around in VR

VR :
Mirrors now use a full stereoscopic image in VR and other 3D modes
Mouse look in free view mode in VR avoids pitch (stays horizontal)
Rift errors “display lost” and “HMD not present” shown as message

Controllers :
Exit controller screen warning is not shown for real ESC key press
FF device is automatically assigned (if two or more are connected)
A single controller can now be selected (if two or more connected)
LFS tries to move force feedback wheel to centre when car is reset
Button and axis numbers now start at 1 (affects /button and /axis)
Assigned arrow keys work better (e.g. movement in free view mode)

Force feedback steering wheel turn limitation :
In your wheel settings use a large turn amount e.g. 900 degrees
In LFS Options – Controls set “Wheel turn” slider to match that
In LFS Options – Controls set “Wheel turn compensation” to 1.00
You should now find your wheel is correctly limited in all cars

Misc :
Increased UDP send buffer size from 12KB to 32KB
You can now select a specific audio device in Audio Options screen
D3DCompiler_43.dll and D3DX9_43.dll are now supplied in dll folder
The card_cfg.txt file is no longer used – options moved to cfg.txt
Mirror adjustment and other view settings change with driver side
New text command /horn X to set horn type (X = 1 to 5)

Translations :
Most translations updated. Thank you translators!

Fixes :
Unassigned controls regained default key or button on restart
Added checks to avoid a crash in LFS after a graphics driver error