Kunos Simulazioni Teases A Big Announcement

The Bonus Pack 3 was not the only piece of news in Assetto Corsa world this week. Kunos Simulazioni also teased that “something big” – probably some kind of announcement – is going to happen on February 21!

What Could It Be?

Considering that Kunos gave us no clue whatsoever, it could basically be everything.

However, some things may (!) be more likely than others.

The Assetto Corsa Sequel

If you remember last year’s Assetto Corsa end-of-year blog, you might also remember that it vaguely talked about things that might be coming beyond Assetto Corsa, i.e. a sequel.

However, there is no official word that an Assetto Corsa 2 actually might happen. In the past, Kunos has already openly discussed moving in a different direction with their future projects.

But then, one does not really contradict the other, as the Digital Bros backing might enable working on several projects at once?

Taking Assetto Corsa to the Next Level

Maybe we are all thinking too far ahead, as Assetto Corsa might not be done yet. The Italian developer could elevate the whole Assetto Corsa experience by for example revealing a big community requested feature on February 21. Think day and night transitions, dynamic weather, or maybe even a big DLC? The latter could introduce a whole new branch of racing to Assetto Corsa, such as open-world, oval or maybe even rally racing?

But then, what would be the point of an ultimate edition (trailer below) if there was still lots of content to come?

Building on the Existing

Kunos SImulazioni could also just dramatically improve the features that currently already exist in Assetto Corsa. For example, it is no secret that Kunos has been investigating ranked online racing, as other developer are as well. So, February 21 might also mark the beginning for professional online racing in Assetto Corsa?

What do you think? Any guesses?

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