Knoxville Raceway & DIRTcar Racing UMP Modified Coming to iRacing

The news is coming in thick and fast with more iRacing announcements and snippets. Steve Myers has released a picture on social media of his van parked up at a location with a comment of “the secret is out of the bag” and tagged #Knoxville.

iRacing @Knoxville

iRacing at Knoxville

We have no idea at present with regards to timescale as it will need to be scanned and coded for iRacing. This is fantastic news to all iRacing fans with the Mecca of Sprint Car Racing now a WIP. From a UK perspective little is known about Sprint Car Racing and the tracks they race on. However Knoxville is the one which stands out from the crowd and is recognized as “jewel in the crown” event.

Knoxville is a 1/2 mile semi banked dirt oval located in IOWA, and racing takes place on the preferred Saturday night under the lights. the most famous event being the Knoxville Nationals taking place around August, and is run over a week. All the best teams and drivers meet for a spectacular finale. This event is one which is on my to do list! The Knoxville Nationals started in 1961 with a winning purse of $5000, and nowadays the winning prize is almost $1 million! staggering!

We shall look forward to more updates when we receive them.

Additionally the scanning progress of the Dirt Car UMP series cars – United Midwestern Promotors – this is a sanctioned body which runs a series on a 1/2 mile to  a mile dirt ovals. Again these cars look similar to the Late Models already in iRacing, and from a non-US citizen, this can be very confusing.


As you can see these seem a more bulky design with a boxed rear, and plenty of room for advertising, under the skin there are many variants with spec, with pro, modified and “crate” specs, the latter being I guess a standard engine with limited or no modifications, straight out of the box so to speak. Again it will be interesting to hear Billy’s comments about these cars in due course.

Well that’s just about time to put a lid on things, this is certainly a very exciting time for iRacing and we can hope for plenty more to come. What this space!

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