KartSim Being Ported to Unreal Engine 4

KartSim is one of the hotly anticipated sim racing titles of 2014, and a successful Steam Greenlight campaign enforces that we will likely see it soon. For the majority of the title’s development, KartSim has been worked on in the Unity game engine, however, that’s about to change. Zach Griffin has announced that they will be porting KartSim to Unreal Engine 4!

Zach has been able to work behind the scenes in UE4’s beta program, and has been able to figure out how to get the most out of the new engine. Some of the features Unreal will provide are:

  • More Destruction: Tire barriers are planned to be fully destructible, which is sure to be a hoot in Sandbox Mode
  • Enhanced Graphics: Unreal Engine provides the ability to get graphics to an even higher fidelity.
  • Added Compatibility: KartSim will now be fully compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Oculus VR
  • Modding: UE4’s open ended ecosystem will provide for modding through Steam’s Workshop

In addition to this update, Zach has announced that the unveiling of the long awaited release date will be coming in his next update. It will be great to finally see this sim coming out soon, especially as we’re seeing it coming along!

How long have you been waiting for KartSim? Are you excited about the latest update?

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