KartSim – Now Available for rFactor 2

If you have been following Studio 397’s regular rFactor 2 roadmap updates, you may remember that a third party – namely KartSim – was developing a go-karting addon for rFactor 2. Said addon is now available in the rFactor 2 Steam store!

Go Karts? How Many? Which Tracks? Who is KartSim Anyway? Questions …

KartSim actually specialises in providing high-end hardware to the go-karting industry. However, a dedicated team has now decided to take on the niche of kart sims by developing one of its own, whilst still utilising rFactor 2 as a base.

KartSim Rig

KartSim’s other business

The KartSim pack only marks the beginning as there is lots more in store. For now, the pack comes with three real-world English go-karting tracks: Buckmore Park International Circuit, Glan Y Gors and Paul Fletcher International. All tracks have seen many youngsters who were able to make the leap to professional racing, like Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button or even their owners!

By the way, all tracks are based on laser-scans too!

Vehicles at current disposal are the Iame Senior X30 UK (mind you, capital “i”) and a rental kart. As both of them have fixed setups, they will come in very handy with competitive (online) racing!

The KartSim Pack for rFactor 2 will cost you 19.98€ or similar in your local currency and it is available now, right here!

rFactor 2 KartSim banner

Buckmore Park International Circuit

Glan Y Gors

Paul Fletcher International

Iame Senior X30 UK

Rental Kart

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