Kart Racing Pro – KF1 @ Zuera Test Drive

Presenting our weekly test drive. Check back every Saturday for a new one !

In this one we try out Kart Racing Pro by Piboso and take the KF1 (125 cc) kart to Zuera for a little hot lapping competition against each other and our ghost laps.

Jason kicks things off with a 1:03.5 in his first session. Darin then runs a 1:02.4 that we lost the audio for and had to re-do. In his second try, Darin runs a 1:02.7.

Jason then takes one last try at it to see if he can get into the 1:02 range. Watch and see if Jason can beat Darin and how much fun they have in this beta version of Kart Racing Pro by Piboso.

Kart Racing Pro devoted website HERE.

System and Rig Specs:

AMD 6 Core @ 3.5 Ghz
16 Gigs of Corsair Vengeance Ram
NVidia GTX 780 TI Card running 3 ASUS 22″ monitors @ 120hz
Thrustmaster TX with GTE Rim and T500 Pedals
Sim Vibe by SimXperience powering one Buttkicker and One KWoon Transducer
Sim Instruments Dash
Derek Speare Button Boxes

We hope you enjoy it !