Karlskoga Motorstadion and Hotfix Patch Released for RaceRoom

Sector3 Studios continue their content creation and publishing spree, releasing yet another new track for RaceRoom, alongside a hotfix patch for the game.

New Swedish tracks were promised, and new Swedish tracks have been delivered. The latest addition? Karlskoga Motorstadion.

The track

Gelleråsen (Motorbana), the track’s other name, is roughly sixty-eight years old, which makes it the oldest permanent racetrack in Sweden.

It is located in the centre of southern Sweden and with eleven turns and a total length of about 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles), it is not too long either.

Its size brings an advantage though, at least for spectators: From the grand stands, the whole track can be overviewed, which makes races especially entertaining for the fans.

And close racing is ensured not only by the size of the track itself, but also by a lot of medium sized turns.

RaceRoom will feature two different layouts of the track, the Grand Prix Circuit and the Short Circuit. As the name suggests, the Short circuit is, well, short, with a length of only about 1.1 kilometres (0.7 miles) and six turns.

The Patch

The game has received a hotfix patch too. Here is what has been fixed:


  • Fixed so the aspect ratio and the resolution option dynamically updates and only shows the supported settings of the currently selected monitor.
  • Fixed mouse going offset for menu after changing resolution.
  • Fixed so the minimum refresh rate is 59 and fixed a DirectX resolution related crash.
  • Fixed issue with game not resetting back to the old monitor if the player didn’t apply video settings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to spring based range lock failing to initialize.
  • Fixed an issue with new data displays not showing laps remaining when race has a laps based duration.
  • Fixed an issue with new data displays showing wrong text if fuel usage is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the free flight camera speed was not affecting the camera tilt.


  • Fixed dedi crash that was occurring when people disconnected from race session without finishing at least one lap. This was causing people to get kicked out to the lobby without seeing the race result.
  • Fixed the issue with players never receiving a penalty for ignoring mandatory pit stops in MP.


  • Bentley Continental GT3 – Adjusted steering wheel / column position
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior – Fixed some pixels bleeding from the outside into the cockpit of livery #20

Portal & Backend:

  • Fixed so the currency preference of the player is saved on logout.
  • Fixed an issue where linked content discount was not applying so the linked car was appearing at full price.
  • Fixed essential packs showing twice in the storefront.
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