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iRacing New Damage Model Work In Progress Video

iRacing President Tony Gardener announced a while ago that a new damage model was being worked on  – and apparently – it would seem that this is beginning to happen. Steve Myers has filmed some footage of some VERY early stages of WIP damage model, see above.

Generally the damage representation in iRacing is pretty good, with some cars showing this off better than others. With the recently released Dirt discipline, the damage model on the Dirt Late Modified class it looks fairly convincing, however when you look at the Sprint Cars damage model – apart from the odd axle deformation – some work in the wing area is a must.

The video above shows a very basic damage model, but you can clearly see the inertia of the bonnet (US say hood) when it leaves the car and starts to knock over the cones. I hope the debris from cars has some form of impact if another car should make contact with flying parts.

We shall wait for some more updates in this and will keep you posted.

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