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iRacing Season 2 2017 First Look Part II – Fullscreen VR Capture, Sound Improvements & More

Presenting Part II of our First Look at the Season 2 2017 iRacing Build. In Part I, we checked out this season’s only new track, The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and the improved GT tire model (and got to see Billy’s hilarious acting skills).

For Part II, we are hitting on a few other parts of the build log, including the new ability for fullscreen VR capture, sharpening of VR, VR positional sound, Imola performance optimizations, V8 Supercars sound updates, 2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Series updates, and lastly, more plain cool looking VR driving.

While the resolution and fact that the image has to be cropped certainly doesn’t help the “prettiness” of the VR capture, it does provide the most realistic point of view, making you feel like you’re in the driver seat.  Paired with a motion simulator like the Next Level Motion Platform V3, and you can really see how much the bumps and undulations move the driver’s head around.  It’s pretty neat.