iRacing Season 1 Launches With A Hotfix

The 2017, Season 1 of iRacing is upon us and you guessed it, we got some hot hot hot, hot fixes….er something.  Actually there really isn’t a whole lot more for me to add except we got some more hand over hand animations and those crazy pace car drivers have gone through some rigorous training!  Okay, there’s more than that and you can check out the complete list below taken from the iRacing forum post.



– Fixed a crashing issue in the 64-bit version of the Sim running in Wine on OSX.


– Fixed an issue where particle effects were not working on the car in focus.


– Changed the frequencies for grooved tire scrub and skid sounds. This affects all cars with grooved tires including:

– – Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

– – Kia Optima

– – Lotus 49

– – Mazda MX-5 Cup circa 2015

– – Mazda MX-5 Roadster circa 2015

– – Pontiac Solstice

– – SCCA Spec Racer Ford

– – Skip Barber Formula 2000

– – VW Jetta TDI Cup

– Asphalt tire scrub and skid frequencies have been improved. The pitch changes are now more dynamic with ground and slide velocities.


– A first-pass of the hand-over-hand steering animation has been added to some additional vehicles including:

– – BMW Z4 GT3

– – Ford GT

– – McLaren MP4-12C GT3

– – Skip Barber Formula 2000

– Fixed the wrist deformation issue for all vehicles with the first pass of hand-over-hand animation.

– Fixed an issue where the steering wheel was not rotating on opponent cars.

– Fixed an issue where the drive model would flicker.


– Adjusted the rate at which rubber will build up on the visor.

– Reduced the filth threshold for the automatic visor tear-off.


– Fixed an issue where the lollipop guy could sometimes render with an incorrect texture.


– Fixed an issue where cameras could flicker when Camera View mode was set to anything but “Live” in the camera tool.


– Fixed an issue where no lap times appeared to be available when loading a saved replay.

– Fixed an issue that was preventing the weather information for a session from being displayed when playing a loaded replay.

– – Please be aware that there is an outstanding issue with the track temperature and display; the track temperature and display in a replay may differ slightly from what was reported during the live session. We are working on a fix for this issue.

– Fixed an issue with the replay voice chat review system that could cause it to identify your own voice chat as having been spoken by another entrant in the session. The bug affected the data that is saved to the replay, so earlier replays will still show the wrong information.


Aston Martin DBR9 GT1

– Season setups have been updated.


– Fixed an issue where the rear wheels were not using the correct tread graphic while spinning.

– Fixed some incorrect website images.

Legends Ford ’34 Coupe

– Improved the audio transitions between close external sounds and distant external sounds.

NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Fusion

– Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Toyota Camry

– Season setups have been updated.


Homestead Miami Speedway

– The pace car driver has attended mandatory training, and should be proficient at parking the pace car at the correct location at this track.

Mount Panorama Circuit

– A checkpoint has been added to The Chase. If your vehicle crosses over the top of a tire wall, your lap will now be invalidated.

Richmond International Raceway

– The pace car driver has logged hours of practice time, and should now avoid barrels when entering pit lane and be able to park the pace car at the correct location at this track.