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iRacing Season 1 2017 First Look

Presenting our First Look at the Season 1 2017 build of iRacing. With dirt not quite making the build, the Season 1 build has taken on a new complexion, as more of a maintenance build than a, “this is all-new!” like the Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 builds of 2016.

But no worries, because sometimes a maintenance build is just what – part – of the community wants to see. Don’t worry, John explains it….and hopefully you follow the reference…and bits.

Beyond the references and bad bits, John takes a look at some of the bigger features of the Season 1 2017 build, including the new ‘world state triple buffering’ that eliminates frame rate choppiness, hand-over-hand steering animation for some cars, visor tearoffs, heat haze effect, animated support characters, ability to record voice chat in replays, and new V8 Supercars tires.