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iRacing – First Rallycross Footage Surfaces

Although it is no secret that rallycross is coming to iRacing at some stage, it has been very quiet regarding the subject lately. Until now, when the official iRacing Twitter account posted a video, showing some rallycross gameplay for the first time. You can view the video above.

iRacing rallycross WIP video

Since the video is less than half a minute long, not too much can be seen.

The car in the video is the VW Beetle GRC, which was announced a while ago. The track is Daytona’s rallycross circuit. No other sim has this location, except for upcoming Project CARS 2.

The Daytona rallycross track features tarmac, as well as dirt sections and a massive jump, as shown in the video.

There is still no word on a possible release date, but rest assured that iRacing is working on it! To be fair, with the new UI, Time Attack and recent content, most iRacers should are probably busy until rallycross releases. However, the Beetle is supposed to release in autumn, so maybe…



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