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iRacing DX11 Update and Pit Crew Animation

First, if you came running cause you thought you were going to see a whole pit crew changing tires, then I’m sorry for the clickbaity title.  No, iRacing has not shown off an entirely new animated pit crew – although they’ve been talking/working on it for years – but the old lollipop guy, with new moves.

Steve – I’ve named him – has had a fairly uneventful life up to this point, lowering and raising a lollipop with the same mechanical indifference as the Queen’s guards.  But that’s about to change.

You see, Steve is upgrading to DX11.  In fact, iRacing confirmed today that DX11 is coming as an option in the March Season 2 build.  So that means DX9 will still be default, but DX11 will be an option – and from the sounds of it – the option you want.  In Season 3, the two will swap and DX11 will become default and DX9 will become the option.  After that, expect DX9 to be phased out quickly to solely focus development on DX11.

Sounds good to me…and Steve too.

Update 2/13/16: Apparently his name is not Steve…it’s Dave.  iRacing has released a new behind the scenes video featuring Senior Animator David Lovecchio’s digital work on himself…the lollipop guy.