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iRacing – Dirt Pre-Sale and Final Preparations For the Dirt-Build

It’s happening. Dirt is finally coming to iRacing next Wednesday on March 29, nearly a year after its initial announcement. Here is a briefing on the last info you need to know before release, taken from an official release by Tony Gardner.

Pre-sale on Monday

iRacing will hold a pre-sale for the new dirt content on Monday for two reasons.

Firstly, people who purchase early will able to try out the new content during the update, which is expected to take several hours.

Secondly, a pre-sale will spread traffic. This isn’t necessary because iRacing is saving on server costs, but rather because the actual data distribution can be a bottleneck in the process. Fun fact, iRacing actually uses the same data distribution network as, for example, Apple, Microsoft or ESPN. So, not iRacing is the problem, but rather the process of distributing enormous amounts of data globally.

The following paid content will be available:

Tracks (All of them featuring day and night lighting)


  • Late Model, including three versions
    • Limited Late Model
    • Pro Late Model
    • Super Late Model
  • Winged Sprint Car, including three versions
    • 305 Sprint Car
    • 360 Sprint Car
    • 410 Sprint Car

Additions to existing content (for free, if content is already purchased)

  • Dirt Silverado
  • Dirt Tundra

Both cars remain unchanged but have received a dirt package.

The following free content will be available:



  • Dirt Street Stock Car
  • Dirt Legends Car

Safety System

Since racing on dirt does involve a lot of sideways-action, the “out of control spin incident” has been adjusted so that you only get penalised for a “serious spin”.

Also, penalties for contact between cars on dirt have been adjusted, since contact is part of the sport.


Five different series will be available at release and in future maybe even a separate dirt license.

Three official series with low-hp cars at the lower license levels, for now, and two fun series with high-hp cars. The official series will change at a later point in time, but for now the low-hp cars will help accustoming yourself to dirt-racing, since, remember, it isn’t pavement racing.

In the coming days, more tips and tricks will be released by iRacing on the subject.

2017 NASCAR Monster Energy rules package

Although the focus in next week’s build of iRacing is on the dirt content, there is more. All iRacing cup cars have been reworked, says Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer and former Team Penske Race Engineer, Steve Reis. The aero map has been reworked “to represent the 2017 body style and NASCAR rules package”. Also, updates have been made to the suspension geometry and the garage setup ranges. In detail:

  • Minimum front springs increased to 500lb/in
  • Maximum front swaybar preload decreased to -500lb-ft
  • Swaybar rates decreased to more realistic values
  • Maximum Trackbar rake set to 4”
  • Maximum Rear Toe set to +1/8” LR and 0 RR.
  • Minimum LR spring increased to 100lb/in
  • Superspeedway frame heights set to 6” | 8”

These changes lead to a whole new feel of the cars, according to 2013 NASCAR Peak Antifreeze champion Tyler Hudson.

“From a driver’s standpoint the most noticeable difference will be that entry and exit do not have that “light” feeling anymore.   In the current physics model when you lift for the corner the front feels like it disconnects from the track and you use minimal steering inputs to set the car into the corner.  With the 2017 update the tires feel more connected to the track and that feel carries from entry, center, and exit much better than it currently does.  The chassis feels stiffer, more planted and “in” the race track, making everything feel much more natural and in control.”

So, the cup cars have received a big overhaul and will now feel a lot different, yet more balanced.

By the way, the Ford and Chevrolet cup cars will receive an updated spoiler and shark fins too.

Toyota Monster Energy Cup Car

Even a new car might be on its way into next week’s build – The Toyota Monster Energy Cup Car. The schedule is tight though and the car might be delayed a couple of days.

Apart from dirt

The dirt-build will also include “several other nice little non-dirt additions”, what these are exactly though, we don’t know.

We can look forward to “many other things besides Dirt” in the June-build too.

Above, you can check out a video of some in-game action of the Winged Sprint Cars and below, you will find a photo of the new Pace Truck.

iRacing Pace Truck

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