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iRacing – Dallara IR18 IndyCar To Be Part of Next Week’s Build

A couple of days ago we reported that two new dirt tracks as well as LMP1 cars would be part of the next iRacing build. Now we know, all of the afore mentioned will be joined by the Dallara IR18 IndyCar and all of the afore mentioned will be landing on March 6!

IR18? 18? 2018?

Yes, the Dallara IR18 is indeed the car which will be used in the upcoming IndyCar season, which is a nice change as the car becomes available pre-season, not post-season and also proves that the iRacing team must have gotten some great early access to the car’s data.

The Indy 500 will kick off this year’s IndyCar season on March 12.

Above you can check out the iRacing announcement trailer for the car and below, you can see it hammering around Sonoma in real-life.

What sets the new IndyCar apart is firstly a new F1-inspired steering wheel, which replaces the old now 17-year-old design, and a whole new aero design with reduced (!) downforce. The latter also led to the introduction of new and improved Firestone rain tires, for better grip in less fortunate weather conditions.

Dirt Track of Charlotte, Limaland Motorsport Park and the Audi R18 LMP1

Since our coverage last week, iRacing also dropped some trailers for the new content:

The iRacing 2018 season 2 build will be released on March 6!


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