iRacing Reveals 2018 NASCAR Toyota Camry

Dirt isn’t the only content coming with iRacing’s Wednesday update, we will also receive the 2018 NASCAR Toyota Camry. Today iRacing posted to twitter anouncing the 2018 NASCAR Toyota Camry along with a couple screenshots. This content will come in the form of a visual update to the current Monster Energy Toyota Camry, those who already own the Monster Energy Camry will have access to the 2018 version for free.

It appears this will be a purely visual update, and the core vehicle will remain the same as the current NASCAR Monster Energy Toyota Camry. Here is a shot of the real 2018 Camry (left) and iRacing’s version (right).

Those who prefer racing on pavement should appreciate this attention amidst all the talk about Dirt lately.

The 2018 Camry, in addition to the long awaited Dirt content and a few other miscellaneous changes, will be available to iRacers Wednesday March 29th.

As a side note, pre-sales have begun for iRacing’s Dirt content today, be sure to pick up the new content and be ready to hit the dirt this Wednesday. #2days

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