rFactor2 – Studio 397 Interview With Marcel Offermans

Doug Atkinson from simhqmotorsports.net recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Marcel Offermans from the newly formed development studio, Studio 397. For those of you that may have missed the news, Studio 397 will be taking over the development of the PC sim racing title, rFactor2.

In his interview with Marcel, Doug touches on many aspects of the title from multiplayer to VR and just what is in store for rFactor2 moving forward. Additionally, Doug poses quite a few questions pertaining to the continuing development of StockCar, NASCAR and IndyCar within the title.


To sum up some of the bigger points in the interview:

  • Build 1098 will be the last non-Steam version of rFactor2
  • rFactor2 StockCar series will continue to be worked on and will shortly be updated and released
  • The highest priority issues for the studio at the moment are DX11, VR support, a better UI, and matchmaking
  • Workshop will be restructured to make content more accessible
  • Not all tracks from the NASCAR schedule will be added to the title
  • Multiplayer is a priority for Studio 397 with easier setup for leagues and for drivers to find a race
  • Studio 397 are also considering IndyCar content

There were many more questions posed to Marcel with some quite detailed answers, too numerous to mention here. If you would like to learn more about the studio’s plans for more American based racing series in rFactor2, you can find the entire interview between Doug and Marcel by hitting this link, which will take you straight to the interview at simhqmotorsports.net.