Intel Show Off RealSense Camera with iRacing

Intel, with the help of iRacing, showed off their RealSense camera system yesterday at their Developer Forum in San Francisco.  RealSense uses cameras to capture images of the gamer (or user) and integrate them into the virtual environment.  In sim racing terms, think fancy TrackIR.

As you can see, the demo utilized a VRX motion platform, the iRacing Williams FW31 and what has to be at least 50″ TV’s.  The computer is also being powered by Intel’s upcoming Skyline processor, which makes for a good combo with the CPU intensive iRacing graphics engine.

I will say though, even with the new processor, the image doesn’t seem to pan THAT smoothly.  I also can’t help but to question the validity of RealSense with a triple screen setup.  The only use I can really think of is looking up at your review mirror or down at your gauges.  Now, RealSense may be on to something if paired with a single screen.

Another obvious bonus of RealSense over other head tracking systems such as TrackIR is the user not having to wear a receiver.  This has always been an annoying inconvenience.

Intel’s RealSense will become available next year and hardware manufactures – such as Razer – are already signed on to offer RealSense products.