IER Releases USCC Mod Car Pack v1.0 For Assetto Corsa

Wednesday September  7th, the team at IER releases USCC Mod Car Pack v1.0 for Assetto Corsa. This new DLC from the International Endurance Racing Modding Group is the first instalment of the USCC modding project and with this, the team plans to reproduce the inaugural 2014 IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship (TUSC) season!

The 2014 IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship (TUSC) Class Structure:

  • Prototype (P)
  • Prototype Challenge (PC)
  • GT Le Mans (GTLM)
  • GT Daytona (GTD)

The Oreca is one of my favourite mods in Assetto Corsa and momentarily happens to be one of the few LMP class of cars available for us to drive in the title. The sound of the big block V8 is also a great representation of the real car’s sounds. I found the steering a little light on the Oreca, hopefully that has been fixed in this update. The Coyote on the other hand, has a nice definite weight to its steering.

The first v1.0 DLC pack will include both the 2014 Coyote Corvette DP and the 2015 Oreca FLM09 LMPC Prototype. Included in the update are a raft of fixes, improvements and new features for these two purebred race cars. Prior to installing the pack, IER strongly advises first deleting all previous versions of the mod.

IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship (TUSC)

IER Modders Statement Regarding Their New Pack:

Featuring the Coyote and Dallara Corvette Daytona Prototypes along with the Oreca FLM09 LMPC car, the long awaited update to IER’s first car pack is finally ready for public release.

The update brings new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the cars.

Further development of the tire model, aerodynamic properties, suspension geometry and kinematics, among a myriad of other adjustments bring both of the cars to new levels of accuracy. Utilizing more technical data and telemetry than ever before, the Oreca FLM09 race car is as accurate as it gets in public simulations. Telemetry between the sim and real life around Sebring International Raceway has been matched to the mph, while braking torque has been calculated to be as accurate as the simulator can handle, with the only limitation of accuracy being the user’s pedal set.

To move along with Assetto Corsa’s progress, all cars now feature the V10 tire model, dynamic brake temperature, and in a first for AC, visual aerodynamic part adjustments. Users can now choose the Low-Downforce configuration of the Corvette DPs via the in-game aero setup menu.

In-game performance has now been enhanced via texture and material optimizations of the two cars.

Complete List Of Fixes, Improvements And New Features: 

Corvette DP v1.1

  • Shaders and materials updated
  • Various bug fixes
    Physics updates (brake temperature, TMV10, new aerodynamic properties, etc.)
  • Visual aerodynamic setup adjustments added
  • Performance improvements via optimized textures and materials

 Corvette DP v1.0

  • 3D completed for both the Dallara and Coyote chassis
  • Completely revamped physics based on data from engineers of the real car
  • Driver animations for both versions
  • Full LOD implementation for better frame rates
  • Feature list updated to current version of AC
  • New and improved sounds
  • New shaders
  • Various graphical improvements

Oreca FLM09 LMPC V0.4

  • Shader and material improvements
  • improved physical accuracy based on new telemetry and technical data
  • Physics updates (brake temperature, TMV10, new aerodynamic properties, etc.)
  • Performance improvements via optimized textures and materials
  • Various bug fixes

Oreca FLM09 LMPC V0.3

  • Small 3D changes – with more to come once a new modeler is found
  • More accurate physics based off of better data – vastly different to the last release
    Updated and improved sounds
  • Feature list updated to current version of AC
  • Livery compatibility – although not advised as neither the 3D model nor it’s skinning layout is finalized
  • Verification of handling accuracy through tests done by a driver of the real car (so don’t complain about the light steering, that’s how it is the real thing)