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DiRT 4 Available Now in NA, Check It Out in a SimXperience Simulator

Codemasters put a lot of work and effort into DiRT 4, that is no secret. But not only did the English developer make sure that everything on the software-side was up to standards, Codemasters also emphasised the compatibility of high-end hardware hardware and partnered up with SimXperience during the development process of DiRT 4. By the way, DiRT 4 is available now in North America, you can check out some of our initial impressions of Landrush right here (Hint: you can win a copy of the game), RallyCross here and Your Stage here.

DiRT 4 and SimXperience

To ensure the best possible experience with high-end AccuForce and Stage X motion simulator hardware in DiRT 4, SimXperience and Codemasters joined forces. This resulted in DiRT 4 not only being optimised for use with the AccuForce Pro and Pro V2 but also for use with the SimXperience motion simulators. Should you be interested in trying out the Pro V2, you can apply for beta testing here.

To really make the most of your sideways-action in DiRT, the Stage IV motion simulator offers a traction loss system, simulating “Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop”.

You can check out some DiRT 4 gameplay with the Stage 4 and an AccuForce Pro above and some visual impressions of DiRT 4 below.

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