Hear Thomas Jackermeier Discuss the New Fanatec DD Wheel

SimRacing Expo has just wrapped up, but news keep on coming. This time in form of an interview with Fanatec’s Thomas Jackermeier published on the official Fanatec Facebook page as a live stream. And what else would Thomas discuss but the new Podium Series direct drive wheel?

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Firstly, it should be emphasised that what we see is still a prototype. Lots could still change and the camouflage wrap is obviously not final either.

The first thing that becomes apparent when seeing the wheel is that there are no external components. Everything but the power supply was able to fit in the wheel’s centre body.

A little OLED display on top of the wheel’s body also becomes visible upon further inspection. It is able to show wheel as well as game telemetry data.

The rim used in the video, is Fanatec’s high-end Porsche 918 RSR rim. However, any other Fanatec rim is compatible as well thanks to a new quick release system.

The wheel uses an outrun servo motor and comes in two variants – DD 1 and DD 2. The main differences lie in strength and price.

Speaking of prices, sadly, those are not available. It seems that even Fanatec has not worked them out just yet. Same goes for availability. Generally speaking though,  it seems that there is still some time left until release.

Included with the two wheels, will be a software for either easy plug-and-play setup or total customisation. (Sounds similar to SimVibe)

Where it really becomes interesting is support of different platforms. Obviously, PC’s will be supported, but according to Fanatec’s Thomas Jackermeier, nothing stands in the way of Xbox One support and apparently Fanatec is even in talks with Sony. Nothing is confirmed in that regard just yet though.

You can check out the full interview here.

Images courtesy of Team Redline.

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