GRID Autosport – Endurance Race #2 + Open Wheel Race

As promised I’ve posted two more GRID Autosport videos.  The first one is the second race in the endurance series running the Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 car at Autodromo Do Algarve. In this video I run the 10 minute practice session, 3 lap qualifying session and then an 8 minute “endurance race”.  I mention in both videos that I hope to see the “advanced” adjustments to the controller and a viewer on You Tube pointed out that I overlooked it. I have since tweaked the Linearity, Saturation and Deadzones and it feels pretty dang good !  Jason will be coming over to do our weekly test drive and I will do one more video showing how I set up my wheel.

Both of these videos I race with AI set to “Very Hard” which provides more of a challenge over the first video I posted HERE.

Disclaimer: This is not the final version of GRID Autosport and changed will be made to the final game.

Endurance Race #2

In this video, I try out the Dallara F312 open wheel car for the first time. I’m at Sepang and I accidentally go straight to the race which puts me at the back of the “GRID”. Makes for a more exciting race and lets you see how the AI races.

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