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Gravel Announced, Coming this Summer

Italian racing game developer, Milestone, has now announced its – already teased – new IP at this year’s GDC – Gravel.

Unreal Engine 4

Like Milestone’s MXGP 3, Gravel is also based on the Unreal Engine 4. This allows for “photorealistic graphics” and a “dynamic time of day and weather system”.

While the physics of the game are being described as “believable” and are “grounded in reality”, being “accessible” is important and Milestone emphasises that “fun will be the main focus”, which is not bad at all, since not one, but two rally sims are on their way, so if you want a sim, there are alternatives.

Various types of terrain will also be in the game, including “forests, snowy mountains, dunes and deserts”.



Details are not yet available, what we know is that cars will range “from trophy trucks to rally legends” and as it seems, they will be licensed too.

Game Modes

The game will offer 4 game modes, which are all part of the “Offroad Masters” series, hosted by the “Gravel Channel”.

Wild Rush

This seems to be a classic offroading, arcade game mode. Spectacular locations, tight racing and basically no rules.

Cross Country

The “Cross Country” game mode will feature “wide, open” maps with checkpoints giving a rough direction of where to go. You will also be able to “explore freely”, so maybe some open-world modes will be available as well?

Speed Cross

Another racing mode, which will take place on “real tracks”, meaning no checkpoint racingI assume, not real-world tracks.

Stadium Circuit

Races take place in stadiums and tracks will offer lots of jumps.

A trailer and some work-in-progress screenshots are available at the top and the bottom of this post too.

Gravel is set to be released in summer 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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