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gRally Has Been Greenlit and Will Be Released on Steam

Welcome to Steam! After gRally made the news in the last weeks not once, but twice, its Steam Greenlight campaign has now come to a successful end and gRally will be released on Steam.

The developers released a small video, titled “To you”, of a car donuting on an airfield-ish looking surface, which can be watched above.

Two sentences fade in. The first one reads “IN 9 DAYS”, maybe hinting to a possible Steam release date, the second one reads “A DREAM COMES TRUE”, which is a reference to the game’s slogan “#DreamExperienceBelieve”. An updated version of the video has been published, where the first sentence reads “IN JUST 9 DAYS WE GOT GREENLIGHT FROM STEAM”, which means that the release date might still be up in the air.

The car then takes off across a big logo of the game, with an even bigger “THANK YOU!!” printed above, which of course is aimed directly at their community – the Greenlighters

No new details have been released just yet, but in nine days we will know more# at the latest.

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