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gRally – Early Access Now Available

It was February last year when gRally hit Steam Greenlight, powered by the team behind rbr-online.it. Then, the community spoke and the rally sim was approved for a release on Steam – which has happened now!

What Does the Early Access Version Offer?

In short, 2 cars, 4 stages with 8 layouts, detailed physics, real-world co-drivers (more on that here), online hot-lapping, modding support!

In long

  • 2 cars: 1 FWD and 1 RWD
  • 4 stage locations for a 8 layouts total
  • Tarmac physics
  • Gravel physics
  • Free daylight conditions selection
  • Recce experience
  • Real co-driver
  • Custom car livery
  • Local stats
  • Online Hotlaps
  • Live rallies/championships
  • A plugin interface to transmit simulated car data to external software
    Mod tools to add cars/stages

Bear in mind, this is still a Steam Early Access version, and more features will be added as development progresses.

And What Will it Cost Me?

For 3.99€ or equivalent in your local currency, you can be part of the gRally journey! If interested, head here.

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